6 Best Weed Barriers – [Reviews & Guide 2020]

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Premium 5oz Pro Garden Weed Barrier Landscape Fabric by ECO gardener review
ECOgardener Premium 5oz Pro Garden Weed Barrier Landscape Fabric is considered the top best weed barrier because unlike the materials used to make a barrier, the one used for this product does not shred in bad weather.

Best Weed Barriers – Buyer’s Guide

In order to know more about the best weed barriers, you must first understand weed barriers. Just like the name suggests, they help you to keep a clean look in your garden. In today’s busy life you may not be able to take out much time in order to maintain your garden. However, you cannot just leave it as it is because it will make your garden look like a mess. Weeds are very persistent, and if you do not do something about them in time, then they will continue to grow and make your garden look untidy. This is where weed control barriers will help you.

 They form a protective layer on the surface of your garden, prohibiting any weed from growing through it. However, it allows the free flow of water and air through it so that your plants do not have to suffer at all . If you are unable to take out time for maintaining your garden, then this is absolutely perfect for you. It reduces your hard word to a great extent so you can relax and enjoy the beautiful view of your well-maintained garden!

ECOgardener Premium 5oz Landscape Fabric(Editor's Choice)3' x 250'15+ years26.4 poundsCheck Price
Mutual WF200 Polyethylene Woven Geotextile Fabric6' x 300'15+ years43 poundsCheck Price
4' x 220'15+ years9.39 poundsCheck Price
DeWitt Weed-Barrier Fabric 12YR4504' x 50'12 years4.23 poundsCheck Price
Easy Gardener 21041MJ3' x 100'15 year2.39 poundsCheck Price
LA Linen 60-Inch Wide Natural Burlap5' x 60'-13.8 poundsCheck Price

1. ECOgardener Premium 5oz Pro Garden Weed Barrier Landscape Fabric – Best for Weed Control

Premium 5oz Pro Garden Weed Barrier Landscape Fabric by ECO gardener review

It is said that in cases where your home is involved, you should not compromise, and this is true for your garden as well. This is a premium product which is designed so that your garden remains weed-free and your soil retains its quality as well. It will save a lot of hard work and money on your part in the long run. You can see it as a one-time investment.  This product is made by combining the benefits of both woven and non-woven weed barriers.  By doing so it is made more durable and environmentally friendly.

The Premium 5oz Pro Garden Weed Barrier Landscape Fabric by ECO gardener is here to make gardening easier for you and it is 100% natural and free of any synthetic process. This product will soar your proficiency and profitability by intending to give you unparalleled weed control.

It is also easy to install and maintain. You don’t need to consult or call an expert when you want to install the Premium 5oz Pro Garden Weed Barrier Landscape Fabric since it is so lightweight and easy to cut.

Moreover, the company that made this product had its garden weed restrictive.  It is made to let water and air through, besides these lines rationing your dirt’s moisture and protecting its quality.  This weed barrier simple and straightforward cultivating arrangements will prevent weed from growing without affecting the air or water supply.

  • As witnessed in its weed barrier reviews, it is clear that this product delivers everything it proclaims. It is very easy to setup. You will not be required to hire any kind of professional help. It also provides superior weed control, which means more relaxation on your part. The material does not fray as you cut it.
  • There are only a few cases reported where grass can be seen growing through the material. However, in most cases no such problem existed. This could also be the result of faulty installation.

Author’s Opinion

There are mostly two features we do love about this weed barrier – ease of use and quality. First off, we love how easy it is to install. It is lightweight, made up of a thick material and it is easy to be trimmed. We found out that users never had any problem dividing them into smaller pieces to be placed on raised beds. Secondly, unlike any fabric material used to make weed barriers, this one does not shred in bad weather. We also found out that people used and tested it out in windy and rainy conditions and it was able to withstand most of the time.

2. Mutual WF200 Polyethylene Woven Geotextile Fabric, 300’ Length x 6’ Width – Best for Landscaping

Mutual WF200 Polyethylene Woven Geotextile Fabric

Known for its durability, the Mutual WF200 Polyethylene Woven Geotextile Fabric is made from the best-woven geotextiles.  When compared to traditional weed barrier fabrics, the Mutual WF200 Polyethylene Woven Geotextile Fabric provides a very thick protective barrier.  It is also functional in the protection against ultraviolet rays due to the fact that it is made up of polypropylene fabric.

This weed barrier protects the plants from natural rotting and some substance that can harm the plant.

The Mutual WF200 Polyethylene Woven Geotextile Fabric is also used to separate the aggregate and the substrate which ends up increasing the life span of your outdoor garden. Overall, this is perfect heavy-duty protection you need to keep weeds off your garden.

According to weed barrier reviews, this is a popular choice for holding the soil in place.  It is made of material that can resist biological degradation.  In simple terms, the material will not rot. It provides proper separation between the weed and surface, thus preventing them from growing.

  • The major benefit of this product is that it prevents soil erosion. It can also be used under precast block or gabions. The woven fabric of this product also helps to stabilize the foundations.
  • The only con that you will be able to find for this burlap landscape barrier is its cost. But once you look at its advantages, then the cost will seem meager to you!

Author’s Opinion

When we look at the WF200 Polyethylene Woven Geotextile Fabric, we found out that the product is extremely sturdy. Although it blocks sunlight from reaching the weed seeds, it still does a wonderful job holding the foundation of the flower bed. When most users used this product, they found out that it was thick enough to keep the seeds of weeds from getting into the soil. I totally recommend this product and since the pores are tiny, I advise you to use the product for drip irrigation to water your garden.

3. SCOTTS Fabric – Best for Flower Beds

SCOTTS Fabric, 4 by 220-Feet review

This is known to be the longest-lasting weed barrier found on this list and if used properly, it can last for about 25 years. Scotts made this product, a heavy-duty barrier that is known for its durability, making it very tough during use.  Because of the material used in making this weed barrier, it is able to withstand various raging elements such as Ultraviolet rays, water and other natural elements that would end up trying to damage it.  It also does a nice job when it comes to permeability. It allows a reasonable flow of water or light through it and it really does a good job at it.

This natural weed barrier provides an effective weed control mechanism without the use of any chemicals such as pesticides. Though it might be a very effective weed control mechanism, this product still helps its users create beautiful scenery as well as a very classy look to their garden.

  • The most significant requirement of a great weed barrier is to provide effective weed control without using any kind of chemicals. It can also be used to create walkways in your garden, which provide a very classy look to your garden. The price of this fabric barrier is much less compared to its long-lasting durability.
  • One problem that you can face while using this product is that because of its light weight, it can sometimes become difficult to handle. However, this is nothing which you cannot handle with a little work from your side.

Author’s Opinion

Definitely, we love the fact that this weed barrier fabric can last for almost 25 years without requiring change. Due to various tests carried out on it, we are very much persuaded about its durability because of its resistance to heavy rain. Although most people tried putting this weed barrier over the soil of flower beds during a rainstorm and they found out that it didn’t let all the water in. It kept some of the water at the top so the plant does not end up drowning. We do recommend this product.

4. DeWitt Weed-Barrier Fabric 12YR450 – Best for Vegetable Gardens

DeWitt 4-Foot by 50-Foot 12-Year Weed Barrier Fabric 12YR450

Made for the sunny environment, the DeWitt Weed-Barrier Fabric 12YR450 is an incredible determination for people that love in places where the sun can complete a great deal of harm to a normal weed obstruction.  The material used in making the DeWitt Weed-Barrier Fabric 12YR450 is thick making it possible that grass and weed cannot receive sunlight which is important for plant growth. 

This weed barrier material is also made to last and it is intended for use for a long period of time. It might not last as much as Scott’s product on our list but this weed barrier fabric can last for as much as 12 years, which would be a comfortable life span required for cultivating activities.

The natural process of production makes it possible that no risky synthetic substances are involved during production.
 This is a yearly weed barrier known for its durability.  There is a lot to know about this product that will definitely astonish you. You can call this product a weed killer as well because of the fact that the carbon content of its material is higher, which prevents sunlight from passing through it, thereby inhibiting the growth of any kind of weed no matter how persistent they are. It controls the weed even before it starts growing. It is excellent for long-term landscaping.

  • The most prominent advantage of using this type of landscape fabric barrier is that it is given a hydrophilic treatment, which means that it allows the flow of water and nutrients through the fabric more effectively. It is also very easy to install and it is environmentally friendly. These types of features make it one of the best weed barriers. It is also cost effective as compared to other products in the market.
  • As far as weed barriers are concerned, there are no drawbacks that can be reported for this product. One thing you could point out is that it is not available in many sizes, so for small garden areas it may be a problem.

Author’s Opinion

If you require a product that takes care of weeds naturally and easily, this is a very simple but effective choice since it has three layers of weed security which will keep your garden off weed for a considerable time. Since the upper layer is made out of a carbon dark material, light is blocked and reflected so your flower bed turns into a dangerous environment for weeds to grow and develop. It is also thick making it ideal to cut cleanly with a pair of shears or scissors.

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5. Easy Gardener 21041MJ – Best for Trees

Easy Gardener 21041MJ 3-Foot by 50-Foot 15 Year Landscape Fabric review

This weed barrier is a great alternative to keeping your garden looking beautiful throughout the year. The texture quality is suitable for utilization in regions of different sizes from little to bigger zones. It also works perfectly in making progress surface s on water surfaces, e.g. pools and lakes.  It is naturally produced and treated with a natural material that effectively disposes of the conceivable development of grass in your garden without the use of any synthetic form which could be dangerous to your soil.  This weed barrier is impervious to ultraviolet rays from the sun, this makes the fantasy of having a weed/grass-free garden a reality. At the same time, this product is strong enough to prevent weed seeds from reaching the soil because once that is down, germination follows.

This is the one of the most cost effective and the most durable weed blockers available in the market. It is best used in permanent landscape areas and, naturally, in garden areas. It does everything that is required of a weed control fabric and more. It is available in different sizes, which makes it easier for you to choose among them according to the size of your garden.

  • The company proclaims that it will provide a 15-year protection, which is a fairly long time. If you compare that cost and the durability that it provides, you will be astonished at the benefit that you’re deriving. You can use it for making walkways as well.
  • It is an effective product which provides you with a good advantage in terms of hindering the growth of weeds. However, there are cases where water permeability has been reported as an issue. If the plants in your garden require an average amount of water, then there is no issue, but if the plants requires huge quantities of water, then permeability may be a problem.

Author’s Opinion

There is no argument about how effective this product is and there is no doubt that it is very functional in keeping moisture and blocking away the seeds of the weed. We do actually love the design of this product packs. It has a very attractive look which allows it to be versatile in use. It can be used not only for the garden but as deco, ribbons, etc. The company gave its users a total of 15 years for warranty and damage protection. Customers are advised to use this product on plants that require an average amount of water because this weed barrier has an issue with water permeability. I totally recommend this product because of its great features.

6. LA Linen 60-Inch Wide Natural Burlap – Best for Gardens

LA Linen 60-Inch Wide Natural Burlap review

With the last in the list comes a Natural weed barrier made by LA Linen.  The company made this 60-inch wide natural weed barrier out of 100% authentic jute fiber and it has been producing original Burlap for over 200 years since its existence.  The 100% authentic fiber undergoes very little processing so you should not worry about the material being exposed to any chemicals. Users should know that the color of the fabric material may vary from product to product because it was made naturally and with little processing; with the color variety, you can create a more unique project with great features.

The width being 60 inches makes it possible for a variety of projects and since it is naturally made, it is biodegradable which makes it perfect for most garden projects.

This is one of the best weed barriers because of its multifunctional qualities.  Burlap is a very tough and durable material which can be used easily in construction and crafts.  Apart from being used as a weed barrier, it is also used in making wall hangings. It can be embroidered with exquisite fabric, enabling you to make some attractive works of art. It can also be very easily used as a canvas for painting. Because of its versatile nature, it has become very popular.

  • It is made up of natural jute, which makes it very environmentally friendly. It is made with a process such that it does not lose any of its natural scent or color. This material is biodegradable, which shortens its durability but provides a safe environment for your garden. This helps to upkeep the quality of soil in your garden. There is no chemical used in the manufacturing process.
  • The material of this product will shrink over time, and the edges of this product will fray. However, there is an easy remedy to this. You can hang this product outside in the sunlight, which will help you to tackle these disadvantages.

Author’s Opinion

Based on most of the reviews concerning LA’s Linen’s weed barrier fabric, we could tell that users enjoy using this product. It is durable, easy to work with and one thing we do mostly love about it is that it is natural. In as many people loved this product, some users do still complain that it seems dusty and the odor that comes with it seems awful. If one is really concerned about this aspect of this natural weed barrier, let them simply take it out and sun it out in the open.

Buyer’s guide – choose the best weed barriers for your need

Best Weed Barriers - Buyer’s guide

You must have understood by now that numerous options are available in the market as far as weed barriers are concerned. However, buying weed barriers can sometimes become tricky. You need to make an informed choice, and the following points will help you to do so:

Most purchased

You can make a purchase on the basis of the number of products sold in the market. The logic behind this is that if a large number of purchases is made, then the product must definitely be good; otherwise, people would not have been buying it.  However, this is not applicable for weed control fabrics which have faced explosive purchasing or have launched just recently in the market.  It is applicable only in cases of constant purchases over a period of time.

Customer reviews

Weed barrier reviews are one of the best ways to judge the performance of a weed blocker. This is because the people themselves are using the product, and therefore you will be able to obtain unbiased information about that particular product and also understand the pros and cons of the product better.

Trusted sites

You should make it a point to purchase products from trusted sites which will help safeguard your best interests. There have been cases of some fraudulent websites selling damaged products to customers.


There are numerous advantages of using weed barriers in the long run. Gardening can at times become very difficult. These garden fabric barriers will make your work much easier. Here are a few of the advantages that you will experience:

  • You will save yourself a lot of hard work. Weeds can at times be very persistent, and your garden will become hideous if you don’t do something about it in time. That something is a weed barrier. It inhibits the growth of weeds, which will help you keep your garden clean.
  •  Many of the weed barriers are designed to help prevent soil erosion.  This maintains the quality of the soil to a great extent, which helps the growth of the plants that you actually want to grow.
  • Weed barriers can also be used to make walkways, which helps to increase the aesthetic of your garden. Just by creating this simple design, the attractiveness of your garden will reach the next level.
  • Once installed, you do not need to maintain weed barriers.  They are highly durable  and will continue to provide you with benefits over a long periodof time.


There are only a few drawbacks which you will come across while using weed barriers, which are:

  • It can sometimes be annoying to handle the weed barriers while planting.  When you want to plant, you will have to cut the part of the barrier where you want to do it, which can also cause the material to fray. 
  • If you really love gardening, then in a way the barriers can take the fun out of it as you have less work to do.

How to Install Weed Barrier?

The following are the few simple steps that you need to follow to successfully install a weed barrier:

  •  Clear the ground  – you first have to clear out the existing weeds from your garden.
  •  Flatten out the soil  – you should flatten out the soil using a steel rake so that the stones are also levelled and it does not damage the barrier.
  •  Now you can place the barrier on the flattened ground  and use garden staples in order to secure it.
  •  Place mulch and gravel on top of it  in order to secure the barrier’s position and complete the installation.

Which Is Better: Fabric or Plastic?

According to popular belief and experience, fabric is preferred over plastics for the following two reasons:

  • Fabrics are biodegradable and plastics are not, and therefore the former is environmentally friendly.
  • Fabric has pores which allow water and air to pass through more freely as compared to plastic.

However, plastic weed barriers are cheaper than fabric weed barriers, so ultimately it depends on the person and what they want to give importance to.


Does weed barrier fabric work?
While there is no farming rule that ensures you get a weed barrier fabric for your garden, it does work and it is highly recommended. Not only does this commodity block off weed seeds from reaching the top of the soil, but it also changes the look of your garden landscape just like a mat.
How to use the weed barrier?
A weed barrier is prepared and placed in the garden around flowers, trees, or shrubs to promote plant growth and to stop weeds from growing without chemicals. It helps block sunlight so that unwanted plants cant grow, but it is also porous enough for air and moisture to nourish your plants. Experts have used it over the years and now it has grown in popularity among homeowners and gardeners.
How to lay weed barrier fabric around plants?
If you are adding a weed barrier fabric around plants for the first time, start by carefully spraying any weed. Be careful as to not spray your plants with weed killers and use your hands to gently remove weeds found around the plants which were to close to be sprayed. When that is done, rake around the place you are preparing to lay your barrier fabric and make sure there are no sticks sticking out or sharp stones which could put a hole in the weed fabric barrier. To lay it on a garden that has plants on it already, cut a slit that you would slide into the stem of the plants.
How to plant with weed barrier?
When planting with a weed barrier, set out your plants in the position you want them to be and use a sharp knife to carve an x into the fabric. Make the hole bigger if it doesn’t fit the plant. Hold back the flaps and use a hand trowel to dig a hole. Insert the stem of the plant as usual when you want to plant them adding composite too. When that is done, make sure the flaps are held back on top and then release them to meet up on the stem of the plant. Finally, place a mulch to hold your plant stem while also holding the fabric of the weed barrier in place. After your plant and fabric have been held in place, you can decide to add decorative gravel, a good layer of bark or mulch to keep the area nice and clean.
How long does the weed barrier last?
A weed barrier can last for a minimum of 5 years.
Should you use a weed barrier with mulch?
Yes, you should help hold it in place and prevent weeds. Mulch does that by blocking light.
Will weed barrier kill grass?
The weed barrier used improperly is not effective against weed. If used properly, it can very much end up preventing grass from growing around your garden. Homeowners use weed barrier to kill large areas of grassy weed soil without making use of any chemicals that would harm the plant around that area.


Weed barriers are very helpful in gardening, and therefore you should choose one from among the best weed barriers available in order to keep your garden beautiful and attractive!

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