10 Best Koi Pond Filters – [Reviews & Guide 2019]

Best Pond Filters – Buyer’s Guide

Best pond filter can be a very useful thing to buy if you want to purify the water of your pond to maintain the environment of the water. For example, UV pond filters pass water through UV rays and eliminate harmful bacteria. It will be beneficial for the fish which you keep in the pond. There are also other types of water filtration. Let’s proceed and find out what pond filters exist and which of them can be used in particular cases.

TetraPond Bio-Active(Editor's Choice)1500


2500 - 4500

2500 - 4500

2500 - 4500
YesCheck Price
Best Choice Products 4000 Liter Pressure Bio Filter2500Max 4000YesCheck Price
Jebao CF-101000



790 (pump incl.)
1000 - 2500

1320 (pump incl.)
2500 - 3500
YesCheck Price
XtremepowerUS 10000 koi Pond Pressure Bio Filter4000Max 4000Yes Check Price
Pond Boss FM002P500320 (pump incl.) -Check Price
TetraPond Clear Choice Biofilter PF-1500-1200325 - 550 - Check Price
Jebao PU-368800Max 4400YesCheck Price
OASE BioSmart 50005000

1600 - 2700

1600 - 3600
- Check Price
TetraPond GreenFree UV Clarifier



Max 330

Max 900

Max 2200

Max 4400
YesCheck Price
Pondmaster PMK190
200190 -Check Price

1. Tetra Pond Bio-Active – Best For Koi Pond

Tetra Pond Bio-Active Pressure Filter review

This pond water filter can be used to remove  both organic and non-organic toxins  of the water to make the pond water absolutely clean.

  • Both biological and mechanical filtration is available and ensures healthy and clean pond water.
  • You will get a back-flush valve for quick cleaning.
  • Because of the Bio activators, there is a large surface area in the filter. It provides unrestricted flow of water which helps in better cleaning.
  • Integrated UV clarifier is also there for getting the ultimate control for the suspended algae.
  • This filter is perfect for ponds that hold up to 1500 gallons.
  • Many customers have experienced flooding of the bulb with this pond water filter.

2. Best Choice Products 4000 Liter Pressure Bio Filter – Best Pond Pressure Filter

Best Choice Products 4000 Liter Pressure Bio Filter review

 If you are in need of a UV filtration process , then this pond water filter will be one of the best choices for you.

  • This filter includes outlet and inlet hose adapters, UV lamp indicator, UV clarifier of 13 W and many features to ensure the best-purified water goes into the pond.
  • Up to 12000 liters of water can be filtered easily with this water filter. You will be able to maintain the filter quite easily. All of its components can be easily removed, and it takes just a few minutes to install them again.
  • The filter is durable, and it can sustain extremely hot water also.
  • It is a completely biological filter and will purify the pond water in the most efficient way.
  • There is no fix for GFI tripping.
  • In case of an electrical short circuit, there is no way to fix the problem as the transformer is inside the plastic cover to protect it from the water.

3. Jebao CF-10 – Best For Small Pond

Jebao CF-10 Pressured Pond Bio Filter review

This is the perfect pond water filter  to provide a healthier environment in a pond . It is best for medium and small size ponds.

  • The dual filtering system is available with this Koi Pond Filter, and it ensures a healthier and clearer pond.
  • It can clean ponds containing water of 1000 gallons.
  • Back-wash feature is there in the filter.
  • Both outlet and inlet piping are available with the filter kit.
  • The leakage problem seems to be the most common problem faced by many customers with this filter.

4. XtremepowerUS 10000 koi Pond Pressure Bio Filter – Best External Pond Filter

XtremepowerUS 10000 koi Pond Pressure Bio Filter review

If you are searching for a pond water filter  to remove debris from a large pond , then this use this filter.

  • Being able to purify 10,000 liters in every hour this filter is capable of handling pond with up to 4000 gallons.
  • With 13W UV light, this filter can ensure the best filtration of water.
  • Cleaning the debris of the filter is also easy, and you will only need to do the same once or twice in a week.
  • Because of a flaw in the design, the clean out line is required to be plugged when it is not used.
  • The knob between the normal and clean operation does not work all the time.

5. Pond Boss FM002P – Best Pond Pump Filter Combo

Pond Boss FM002P Filter Kit review

The operation of this filter is extremely easy. So, you will get a very smooth experience of cleaning the debris of your pond water by this filter.

  • It is one of the eco-friendliest filter kits.
  • It is extremely energy efficient.
  • The operation is quiet and simple.
  • It is earth friendly.
  • If you buy the combined set, you are going to save some money as well.
  • You will not find any adjustment for the sprayer and a great amount of spray is done in the air only.

6. TetraPond Clear Choice Biofilter PF-1 – Best Small Pond Filter

TetraPond Clear Choice Biofilter PF-1 review

If you want an efficient pond water filter for which maintenance will not be a problem, then this is the perfect option for you.

  • Maintenance and accessibility are extremely easy with this filter.
  • It has the mechanical sponges for pre-filtering and it ensures the removal of suspended debris. It helps better purification of water.
  • Because of the bio ring media, the filter has a huge surface area and it contains effective aerobic bacteria.
  • It can be used for the water gardens of 1200 gallons and for the ponds of 500 gallons.
  • This filter has a leakage problem which you may face if you change the filter pads.

7. Jebao PU-36 – Best For Fish Pond

Jebao 36W Aquarium Koi Fish Pond review

This pond water filter may be the most appropriate option for  permanent cleaning of debris  from pond water.

  • This Koi Pond Filter ensures permanent elimination of algae bloom. It will give you a definite solution to your green water.
  • It can provide you the most efficient sterilization effect with the best in-line installation.
  • For perfect performance, you will need to replace the UV bulb every 6 or 12 months as necessary.
  • Durability can be a concern with this product as many customers found the filter burnt out after only two months of use.

8. OASE BioSmart 5000 – Best Large Pond Filter

OASE BioSmart 5000 Pond Filter review

This is one of the best pond water filters with the incredible features of cleaning debris in the quickest time possible.

  • With the feature of distinct zones, it does the best settlement of various beneficial bacteria.
  • The cleaning mechanism is built in and this is why no manual work is required for cleaning.
  • The filter is extremely user-friendly because of the features like sludge drain, temperature gauge, and cleaning indicator.
  • It can do great for the pond up to 5000 gallons.
  • There is a trap door attached with this filter and sometimes it can cause a huge amount of leakage.

9. TetraPond GreenFree UV Clarifier – Best UV Pond Filter

Tetra Pond GreenFree review

If you have a big pond and are having a  problem with green algae , then you can use this pond water filter.

  • It can make your pond completely clean and clear, and it can make the pond free from any green algae.
  • Within only five days this device is capable of cleaning heavy algae from the pond.
  • This device is designed in such a way that it can clear algae from 8800 gallons of water quite easily.
  • There is a frequent problem with the electrical portion of this unit.

10. Pondmaster PMK190 – Best All in One Pond Filter

Pondmaster PMK190 190gph Pump and Filter review

 With both mechanical and biological filtration systems  this pond water filter can be extremely useful for any size pond.

  • Best quality material is used to ensure that the users get excellent aquatic supply.
  • This best pond filter will ensure the best quality environment for the pond by purifying the water completely.
  • The design is perfect and the quality is supreme.
  • You will get water bell head along with the filter and pump.
  • This filter works with both biological and mechanical filtration.
  • In the case of the liner, there is a warranty of fifteen years. A two-year warranty is available for the other components.
  • Most of the users have obtained crystal clear water using this filter.
  • The pipe which connects the pump with the filter does not have any threads. As a result, water pressure created by the pump pushes the connected pipe straightaway.

Buyer’s guide – choose the best pond filters for your need

Best Koi Pond Filters and Pumps - Buyer’s guide

If you want to purchase the best filters for your pond, it is extremely important to have an idea about the size of the pond. You should check whether the filter has the capacity to clean the amount of water that you have in the pond.

You should also check the health of the water. Some of the filters are capable of only doing mechanical cleaning.  So, if you have problems of biological bacteria in your pond that water filter will not be perfect for you. 

You should always go for those pond water filters that are energy efficient. It should also have the different layers of purification that will ensure that both bigger and smaller size debris can be cleaned from the pond.

The pond pump filter should be made of quality material so that you can use them for a longer time without changing its components. The technology of cleaning should be perfect so that it can clean the water quickly.

Cleaning the filter can be another headache. So, you should purchase those filters only with which maintenance will not be a problem.

Pond filter types

Generally, there are five types of pond filters available on the market.

  • In pond pre-filters
  • Skimmers
  • Pressure Filters
  • Waterfall filters
  • UV Sterilizers

Some of them have only mechanical or biological purification process. Some others have the combination of the two. So, as per your own requirement, you can choose the best one for you.

In Pond Pre-filters:

 It can be used for small ponds.  It does mainly mechanical filtration. Ponds with a heavy stock of fish should not be cleaned with such filters.


 This can be used for ponds of any size.  It can do both mechanical and biological filtration of a pond. However, for a heavy amount of biological filtration you may need to add extra biological filtration kit with it. It helps to collect the bigger size debris on the surface of the pond.

Pressure Filters:

 It is best for medium or small size ponds.  This pond pump filter is a mechanical filter. It can be used along with skimmers. This kind of filter is capable of purifying small debris.

Waterfall filters:

This type of filter can be used for a pond of any size. However, it is best for medium and the small size of pond.  Biological filtration is done just the best with such filters. 

UV Sterilizers:

It can be used to clean the green water from medium and small size of ponds. It can also clean the waterborne bacteria and viruses. If you have a pond  with many fish , then this device can come extremely helpful.

Benefits of a Pond filter

Pond filter system is mainly required for those ponds where you have kept fish, turtles or other water animals. It mainly helps in keeping the water of the pond clean so that the creatures you have kept in the pond can stay safe.

  • A pond filter adds beneficial bacteria into a pond. These bacteria destroy the invisible toxins in the water. These bacteria break down the Nitrite and Ammonia in the water. It transforms Nitrite into Nitrate. This nitrate can be absorbed by the plants in the pond. The environment of the pond is improved, and it is good for the fish you have kept in the pond.
  • The skimmers can help in cleaning the larger debris on the surface of the water. It collects such kind of debris and then helps it for the easy removal. So, this larger size debris doesn’t get a chance to sink down and become decomposed.
  • A pressure filter can help a lot to remove the green algae from water. It makes the water crystal clean that is just the best for the health of the fish inside the pond.
  • With the help of UV sterilizers, even the smallest particles inside the pond can be removed. Thus, the water will become crystal clear. The water will be so clear you can see fish inside the water. It increases the beauty of the pond.

Features of a pond filter

  • It will depend on different types of pond filters. UV pond filters have the UV sterilizers that have the ability to work down to the microscopic level by cleaning the invisible biological toxins of the water.
  • It can have adjustable fountain heads. Some of the pond water filters will also have the magnetic drive.
  • Bottom drainage feature can ensure the removal of the debris that falls to the deepest level of the pond. This feature will not allow the debris to be decomposed at that low level.
  • Most of the quality pond water filters will have easy maintenance features. The components of the pond filter can be easily removed. At the time, the installation should not take too much time. It will also help in cleaning the water filter easily.
  • Back-wash feature is also a crucial feature in the pond water filter. This feature will help in removing the collected debris from the pond easily.
  • Presence of mechanical sponges will help in purifying the small components present in the pond water.

If you are a lover of keeping fish and other water animals in your pond or water garden, then you need to ensure that the water of that pond remains safe and healthy. Using a pond water filter can provide you with the best quality water.

You should check the size of the pond, the volume of water to be purified, and the number of fish or other water animals to ensure you buy the best pond water filter.

By choosing the best Pond filter system, you will be able to keep the pond crystal clean. It will not only help you to keep the fish, turtles or other creatures healthy, but the visibility of the pond will make it much more beautiful. You will be able to see the fish playing in the water. Choose the best pond water filter that has both the features of mechanical and biological filtration.

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