7 Best Electric Fence Chargers – [Reviews & Guide 2019]

Best Electric Fence Chargers – Buyer’s Guide

Gardening, crop field, and pastures are occupations where people work on that for good results like a good crop from the field, flowers, and other items from the garden or livestock animal keeping. Well, all these things are needed to keep safe from natural calamity as well form the unwanted animals like other domestic animals, predators, etc. These create a threat to livestock and garden when there is no guard.

For this reason, you need serious protection for excellent control over all. Electric fence charger is the best option for keeping the livestock safe as well keep them alive from the different predators and carnivorous animals. There are some best electric fence charger systems which are popular in the market.

Parmak DF-SP-LI Solar Pak 6(Editor's Choice)Solar 256 volt included1.4 - Check Price
Fi-Shock 2 Mile SolarSolar24 volt included0.04 - Check Price
Parmak Super Energizer 5AC50not included6.3+ - Check Price
Gallagher M300AC50not included3.285Check Price
Cyclops BruteAC8not included8100Check Price
Fi-Shock EAC100M-FSAC100not included6 - Check Price
Zareba EAC50M-ZAC50 not included2 - Check Price

1. Parmak DF-SP-LI Solar – Best Solar Powered

Parmak DF-SP-LI Solar review

Parmak DF-SP-LI Solar Pak 6 is one of the best electric fence guards. It is America’s made first solar-charged electric fencer. An inbuilt performance meter will give you info about the working process of that electric fence. It also gives a shock through brush and wet weeds. Both the battery source and solar source can power this fence charger.  A 6-volt battery is needed to charge the fence and power with low impedance. 

This is ideal, and the best fence charger can cover up to 25 miles which is ideal for small and medium pastures size. The computer precises chargers and the wiring systems. Wiring is laser trimmed and reliable enough to stand strong for a long time. The shocking system is connected to the fence end with powerful low impedance. Parmak is offering you two years manufacturing warranty for any fault. It featured in latest solar panel technology provide 42% extra power capacity.

It stores maximum energy on sunny days and consumes the sun’s energy freely, but it also can work in the cloudy weather. It can give 21 days continue service if the battery is charged. Charger system is all weather supportable with sealed battery pack and gives an output rating of 1.5 joules. This fencing charger is mostly suitable for cattle, dog, horse, pig, etc.
  • Can be used up to long 25 miles.
  • 1.5-joule energy is enough for protection.
  • Work in all-weather condition.
  • The charger is quite expensive
  • Energy output is limited.
  • The installation process is complex.

2. Fi-Shock 2-Mile Solar – Best for Dogs and Chicken

Fi-Shock 2-Mile Solar review

Do you want to put an electric shock fence guard with low power access area? You are welcome. Fi-Shock 2-Mile Solar powered charger is suitable for guarding of pets, chicken, rabbits, etc. it can give uninterrupted 2-mile long fence with its’ charger. The fences are made of aluminum, steel,
poly rope, poly tape, poly wire, etc.  This fence charger is made in the USA, and it can work in light weeds or conditions with no weeds. 

Solar charger panel is damage proof, and it is hard in construction. This charger takes power from a 4-volt battery with powerful low impedance, and you can see on the charger display ‘Fence OK’ which remind that the fence and the charger are in good working condition. The Fi-Shock charger output is 4 joule DC, and it can give the same output in the whole 2-mile fence. A 1-year warranty on the product includes lightning damage.

  • 2 miles in length that is ideal for poultry and small pet pastures.
  • Can be used in a remote area where AC current is not available.
  • Low impedance technology for less battery consumption.
  • Resist the short circuit condition when comes to contact with high or wet weeds
  • Can’t extend more in case of covering the area where more than 2-mile fence wiring.
  • Does not run on AC circuit.
  • It is not waterproof.

How to install a Solar Charged Electric Fence

3. Parmak Super Energizer 5 – Best for Cattle and Goats

Parmak Super Energizer 5 Low Impedance 110/120 Volt 50 Mile Range Electric Fence Controller SE5 review

To set up your fence for large pasture area, Parmak Super Energizer 5 is a good option. It is long enough for the multi-wired fence with high power where a single line can cover up to 50 miles’ area. This fence charger is constructed with a digital meter built-in which gives all information regarding the fence.  This low impedance charger can hold 500 OHM load and power up to 8000 volts. 

Fences are colored for better electrification and ground terminals are there. Red is for fence wire, and black is for the ground wire. It can shock livestock through brush and wet weeds. This is the best electric fence charger and ideal for keeping away predators and saving livestock like sheep, goat, pig, etc. For protection from lightning, auto fuse cutter is included.

Parmak is giving two years’ full warranty for the full fence controller which includes lightning damage.
  • Designed for the large fenced area.
  • Ideal for controlled grazing for livestock.
  • It can give 6.3-joule power over the 50-mile region.
  • Digital meter for shows charger condition.
  • It does not work in GFCI circuit.
  • The power cord is a little bit shorter.
  • Fence controller is not waterproof.

4. Gallagher G380504 – Best for Cows and Pigs

Gallagher G380504 M300 Fencer, 110 volt review

Gallagher G3800504 is well suitable for the area near about 85 acres, and it is made is New Zealand. It delivers 3 joules output energy which is much enough for controlling the pastures in a small area. Wiring can be single and multiple with equal voltage supply in all region. This fencing
charger is good for the large domestic animals. This is a permanent fence system with a rating of 110 volts for good control over livestock.

  • 3-joule energy is sufficient for small pastures.
  • It can cover up to 50 miles in length.
  • Fence charger case is not waterproof.
  • The fencer may create issues in wire installation and internal shorting.

5. Cyclops Brute – 8 Joule – Best for Bears

Cyclops Brute – 8 Joule Fence Charger - AC review

Taylor Fence makes cyclops Brute in the USA, and it is the strongest fencing recommended by the company as per electric fence charger review. The solar and battery powered circuit operates the fencing. You can cover 100 acres’ area with this charger, and fencing wire can be 8 miles long for good protection over the animals.

The facing gives a wide pulse to the animal which keeps them together within the fencing area.  The charger gives 8-joule output which is high to protect the livestock in a manner . Cyclops Brute charger is best for the lightning protection.

  • Parts are available everywhere.
  • Strongest lightning protection system.
  • Good output power with 8 joules.
  • Pricing is higher than usual.
  • Wiring can’t increase due to a power limitation.

6. Fi-Shock EAC 100M-FS – Best for Livestock

Fi-Shock EAC 100M-FS AC Low Impedance Energizer, 100-Mile review

When you need an all-weather support fencing charger, you can choose Fi-Shock EAC.  First, with this energizer, you can power up to 100-mile-long fencing system.  The energizer is AC powered with low impedance circuit which consumes less energy, and the fencer can give a good shock in wet and heavy weeds. With this energizer, you can take control of and repel predators and livestock.

The fence charger delivers high energy and shocks the deter animals to keep safe. Fi-Shock Energizer is designed with the fuseless connection, digital timing and also good for storm protection. It gives 6-joule output with a voltage rating of 115 volts. There is an indicating light which shows that the fencing charger is working.

Fi-Shock EAC is made in the USA, and it delivers three years’ warranty with damaging by the lightning fault.
  • Suitable for all weather conditions.
  • Storm protection for effective guarding.
  • Digital timing with the fuseless design.
  • Output voltage load is near about 12400 volts.
  • 6-joule output which is good.
  • High-cost fencing charger.
  • The large unit creates difficulty in installation.

7. Zareba EAC50M-Z – Best for Deer and Horses

Zareba EAC50M-Z AC-Powered Low-Impedance 50-Mile-Range Charger review

When you need a large area control with an electrified fence, then Zareba EAC is one of the best fence charger solutions for you. It is made in the USA. Zareba fence charger is suitable for controlling all kinds of livestock where AC power is accessible.

This low impedance powered fence can give a  high voltage of 115-volt shock in heavy weeds due to its high energy electric which is much safer, and the charger has digital timing.  With this charger, you can protect up to 50-mile area. The output of the charger is 2 joules. You can use wires like poly wire, high tensile, poly tape, poly rope, etc. with the charger.

Zareba is giving three years’ warranty on this product which includes lightning fault.
  • 2-joule output which is much more profitable.
  • Fuseless design for the fence.
  • Digital timing with indicator light
  • This charger is expensive.
  • Difficult to install.
  • The charger is a little bit noisy.

Buyer’s guide – choose the best fence charger for your need

Choosing the best electric fence charger is quite a time-consuming job. When you think to put a fence on the field for the predators, you need to know about the livestock you want to save and how can you keep them with no risk. All animals do not have the same capability of absorbing shock. So, before installing the fence, you must calculate and know the power, voltage rating and current rating for the perfect fencing charger.


There are two types of current system you can put on the charger, and according to that, the installation cost will be calculated. Ac is cheaper and easy than DC, but you need an outlet connection for this. You can use DC current system which needs a battery, and this also needs replacement time to time when the charge is empty. The solar system can replace it, but it is not as powerful as the DC battery or AC connection.


This is a very important feature in electric fence charger review. It depends upon the usage of the electric fence charger and the power required for the shocking. You must install a good meter for controlling the power and its impact on the pastures.  For chicken and dogs, high power charger will damage these whereas low powered charger is useless for the big sized animals . The requirement is given.

Cattle and horse

If you want to make a fence for the  domestic animals like cattle, horses  mostly for females, it requires little power as joule output. These animals can be controlled with little bit shock, and they are weak enough to stay within the limit. For these kinds of animals, you need 3 to 8-joule output for control.

Deers and Pests

Imagine you have a small garden and you are keeping away  animals like deer or pest . They can run in the place and ruin the field within a night. So, you have to keep them away in their area. Herbivorous animals are more reticent than others. So, you must install fencing with medium power that can push them from your garden like the place.


These animals are dangerous for any domestic livestock. They can  damage the livestock you want to keep safe . For example, you have a poultry farm. Coyotes and foxes are dangerous for the chickens. If you want to keep them away from your site, you have to put 3-8 joule charger system which can deliver well shock to those predators.


This animal is very much notorious and tenacious that it is hard to control. It runs all the place with no restrictions and breaks low powered and medium fence. This animal required a large shock to keep them control.


Bears are animals with a thick fatty skin layer. They feel nothing when the shock level is medium, and they can do anything when they get the smell of food. So that, you need a higher power punch of shock to keep them away.

How to Choose Right Type of Fence Charger


The fence electric charger review is there to help. Fence charger is required for controlling the animals, whether to keep them safe or keep them away from your place.  Choosing the right and appropriate fence charger according to your need and ensuring it is the best fence for controlling the livestock and protecting them . You must think about the power source available in that place of installation.

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