6 Best Artificial Grass – [Reviews & Guide 2019]

Make your home attractive only with the best artificial grass!

Best Artificial Grass – Reviews & Guide

“I just need green. I need to wake up and see grass and squirrels. I don’t want to see skyscrapers,” said Andre Leon Talley. The former editor of Vogue magazine has summed up the universal human need for an environment that is enlivened by grass. Fortunately, today’s modern artificial grass means even people living in the urban concrete jungle can pleasures of green, natural-appearing grass.

Do you want to know what artificial grass is? If you have a question regarding this topic, then you have come to the right place. The synthetic grass is made up of materials such as nylon, polypropylene or polyethylene that are colored differently in order to depict different species of grass. Therefore, you have options in front of you to choose the best artificial grass.

LITA(Editor's Choice)1 3/8”
8 - 106670 ozPolyurethaneCheck Price
Artificial Grass Pet Turf1 1/3"
375 - 150047, 64, 88 ozPolyurethane
Check Price
Pet Zen Garden Premium Artificial Grass Patch1.7”870 ozPolyurethane Check Price
iCustomRug1 1/4"16 - 204 Rubber Check Price
Synturfmats1"6 - 105RubberCheck Price
ALTRUISTIC Premium Realistic Artificial Grass 1 3/8”52070 ozPolyurethaneCheck Price

1. LITA Realistic Deluxe Artificial Grass – Best For Pets

LITA Realistic Deluxe Artificial Grass Synthetic Thick Lawn Turf Carpet review

This is one of the best choices in case of plastic turf because of its durability of course and also its appearance, which is identical to real grass. The material used to make this product is non-abrasive and non-absorbent. This means that if you have pets and they urinate on the artificial grass lawns, it will not absorb it and hence it will not produce any foul smell as well which is common for various other garden plastic turf. It is absolutely pet-friendly.  There is also a warranty of 14 years on this product, which only shows how much durable this product is. 

  • Apart from all the advantages that are mentioned above, you will be thrilled to know that this product is perforated with holes that allow it to perform vertical drainage which again means less maintenance on your part. As it is plastic natural landscape, there is no need for fertilizers and pesticides as well.
  • It can also dry quickly because this artificial turf is UV stabilized and frost resistant. There is nothing more you could ask from a synthetic turf. You can use it both indoors and outdoors in order to make your house look beautiful.
  • Though this is UV resistant yet in summers due to extreme heat, it can get heated up. This might be a problem because due to heating up, you will not be able to walk on it with bare feet until it cools down.

2. New 15’ Foot Roll Artificial Grass – Best For Backyard

New 15’ Foot Roll Artificial Grass Turf Synthetic Fescue Pet review

This is one the most popular artificial grasses available, which is evident from so many positive artificial turf reviews.  It is available in a variety of sizes, which enables you to choose the right size for your garden or balcony.  It has a brown thatch which enables it to blend with the surroundings of your garden and makes it look a hundred percent natural. Just like natural grass, each blade of grass of this product has a variation in color giving you the real feel factor.

Not only color but dimension and texture of every blade of grass is unique which makes it an ideal choice for your garden because it will not be easy to detect that it is fake, so you can hog on all the credit for maintaining such beautiful grass in your lawn.
  • This synthetic turf provides you with the most realistic look of natural grass which will make your lawn the most popular in the neighborhood. This grass turf is so designed that it remains soft for a very long time and it is also known for its durability. This kind of plastic turf can endure moderate to heavy rough playing on it which means that the material of this product is very tough! The company provides a 15-year warranty on this product, which is amazing. It also possesses drainage holes, which mean that the water will not be collected and there will be no foul smell as well.
  • The problem that people might have with this product is its pricing. The cost of this turf carpet is high because of its premium quality and classy look that it provides to your lawn or garden. If you consider in the long term, then this price will not seem too much considering the benefits it is providing.

3. Pet Zen Garden Premium Artificial Grass – Best For Dogs

Pet Zen Garden Premium Artificial Grass Patch w/ Drainage Holes & Rubber Backing review

This is a premium quality artificial grass that is available to you at very great pricing. The unique feature of this garden turf is what makes it the best synthetic grass on the market at such a price range.  You can use this product for various purposes, including using it as a pet pee grass.  Apart from using it for décor, you can place this turf outside your home and teach your pets to use it for urinating. This way you can remain away from the animal odor.

You do not have to stress about cleaning the grass because it comes with drainage holes which will make the process of cleaning extremely easy.
  • This product has a heavier feel to give you an extra lush feeling. It is heavier than most of the grass turf in a similar price range. It is one hundred percent weather resistant which means no matter whether it is the hot sun or the stormy winds; it will not affect the durability of this product. Very few other products provide variation in the color of the blades at this price range. But this product provides you with a more realistic feeling. It also comes with rubber backing which increases its durability even when there is rough playing on it!
  • There is no major disadvantage of this product, but the only thing is that its material can become a bit coarse over time, which you will be able to feel when you walk on it. Though it is not much of an issue in the case of a garden and lawn, but you would prefer softer grass turf in the case of a balcony . However, with regular cleaning and maintenance its softness can be maintained for a longer period.

4. iCustomRug Thick Synthetic Artificial Grass – Best For Kids

iCustomRug Thick Synthetic Artificial Grass review

This plastic grass turf is a perfect match for your garden. It is real looking just like natural grass and will be able to mingle with the surroundings of your lawn quite easily. Moreover, this product is made up of one hundred percent UV stabilized Ofelin.  It is a very soft premium rug that you can use to decorate your outdoor living space.  This best feature about this artificial floral is that it will not lose its color even when exposed to harsh forces of nature. It is soft and very easy to clean. All you have to do is use some water and then dry it in sunlight and you are good to go!

  • The pile height of this artificial focus grass is 1.25 inches, which looks very similar to the natural landscape. You can use this turf carpet like a floor mat as well. One of the most important advantages of this product is that it has finished bound edges which make it very suitable to be used indoors as well. You can place it under your dinner table to enjoy your meal closer to nature! You can also use it for your walk. Walking barefoot is also highly recommended because of the softness of this carpet mat. It is extremely stain resistant, which again helps you a lot to keep the artificial grass clean.
  • A shortcoming of this wonderful product is it is difficult to find, but it is said that every good thing must have a bad side. One of the downsides of this product is its durability. Though it goes a long way with time it starts to lose its quality. It is advisable not to be too rough on this landscape grass.

5. Synturfmats Artificial Grass – Best For Home

Synturfmats Artificial Grass Carpet Rug review

This is a premium quality product as evidenced by the artificial grass reviews of this product. Like any other artificial turf, it neither needs to be mowed nor needs it to be watered. But the best part about this product is the cleaning process.  You can easily clear it using a brush or a broom or a non-metal rake.  It can be used for a variety of purposes such as for decorating the house, covering a pet area, roof, patio, balcony, and villa. The size of this product is also good, which means you do not have to make many alterations.

  • The 4-toned grass feature means that there are four color variations in the grass, which makes the look of this artificial grass even more realistic. It has drainage holes to allow water to pass through easily and is rubber backed which means more durability. It is very soft which means you can enjoy this as if you are on natural grass. The height of the grass blades is 25 mm, which means it is neither too short nor too long. This will enable your turf to remain soft for a longer period as it will not become flat with time.
  • The thing which can be bothering about this product is its size. The manufacturer takes 1 foot to be equal to 0.3 meters which can cause a little deviation in size. Moreover, this plastic turf is cut out by a human, which means it is prone to errors and you may have to cut it yourself if you want some alteration in size.

6. ALTRUISTIC Premium Realistic Artificial Grass -Best For Lawns

ALTRUISTIC Premium Realistic Artificial Grass review

It is considered to be among the best artificial grass products on the market. The simple reason behind this is the numerous features and benefits that this product provides people. It is known for greater resiliency as a result of the high-performance yarn.  It is made up of natural grass colored thatch that provides you the looks of natural grass.  It is also known for its softness which makes it very suitable for using it indoors in the form of a carpet mat as well. It is made up of material that is non-abrasive and non-absorbent, making it very easy to clean and maintain.

  • Apart from all the advantages that are already mentioned there are few other benefits which you can expect out of this product. Because of its non-absorbent feature, it is pet-friendly, which means that even if your pet urinates on this artificial grass, it is not going to damage this turf. It is UV stabilized and is also frost resistant, which means that no matter how harsh the weather is outside the softness and durability of this product will not be affected.
  • The benefits overpower the drawbacks to a great extent. You may find the price of this product to be a bit high, but it is only fair for this high-quality product.

Buyer’s Guide

Best Artificial Grass – Reviews & Guide

Important Terms of Artificial Grass

The following is a review of some important terms to know when considering the purchase of artificial grass:

Back Weight – This is the weight of the bottom surface material to which the grass blades are attached. The average back weight is 26 ounces. The synthetic turf is more durable when the weight of this layer is higher.

Front Weight – Sometimes also called “face weight,” this is the weight of the yarn which makes up the grass blades of the turf. The quality of the turf is higher when its front weight is heavier.

Infill – In some artificial grass installations, the infill is neutral material added onto the turf to fill the space around the base of the grass blades. This material may be crumbled rubber or some type of silica. It protects the backing layer of the turf, and helps blades to stand erect. It also provides cushioning.

Roll Width – Artificial turf comes in rolls of varying widths. When it is installed on an athletic field, a 15 foot wide roll is used. For smaller areas, smaller widths are employed to eliminate waste.

Yarn – This is the man-made fiber used to create the grass blades.

Who Needs Artificial Grass?

Though the artificial grass was almost exclusively used for athletic fields for many years, that has changed dramatically. Many different types of people now recognize a need for synthetic turf.

Commercial Developers – Landscaping is an important economic benefit to any commercial development.  A study by the Center for Urban Horticulture at the University of Washington found that 74% of people preferred shopping at businesses that featured trees and landscaping in parking areas.  However, the cost associated with maintaining real grass and natural landscaping can be very high. Artificial grass can reduce these costs significantly, since it does not need mowing, watering, or fertilizing. The savings for a business may be thousands of dollars each year, as the cost of landscaping is $30 to $40 per hour.

Residential Community Builders – Fake grass may also be an ideal replacement for real sod lawns when constructing new residential communities, especially in areas prone to water shortages. For example, Mill Valley, California restricts new homes to 500 square feet of real grass due to the drought conditions of the state. Since one-third of residential water use is for lawn irrigation, city officials believe this ordinance will reduce the demand on the municipal water supply. Builders can expand the outdoor green space of homes without increasing water consumption when they replace natural turf with artificial grass.

Environmentally-Conscious Homeowners – Since synthetic lawns are eco-friendly, they are necessary for the environmentally-conscious homeowner. Besides saving water, artificial grass also helps the environment by reducing dangerous exhaust fumes because it never needs to be mowed. This can have a huge positive impact on the environment, as a 2011 EPA study on lawn equipment revealed.  “GLGE [gasoline-powered lawn and garden equipment] accounts for a major portion of U.S. non road gasoline emissions,”  concludes EPA environmental engineer Robert McConnell. He states further that the main power source of GLGEs, two-stroke engines are an important source of toxic and cancer-causing emissions.

Recreational Designers – Artificial turf is also important to designers of recreational and play areas for two reasons. First, it is very durable. While a playground’s natural turf can wear thin from heavy foot traffic, creating dangerous muddy spots, this never happens with synthetic grass. Second, the latest generation of fake grass provides a much softer play area than real grass.  The CDC reports that the most common cause of playground injuries comes from falls, and the surface under playground equipment should be shock-absorbing to reduce the likelihood of injury. This makes synthetic grass with soft underlayment the ideal playground surface. 

Apartment Dwellers – The benefit of green grass for even apartment dwellers is another feature of artificial grass. It enables those people surrounded by pavement and concrete to have a small patch of lush, fake grass on their patio or balcony, which can improve their quality of life. Psychologists have documented that even exposure to a small area of green space is healthy.

Roger S. Ulrich, a Texas A&M professor, studied patients recovering from surgery. He found that those who had a view of trees outside their room recovered more quickly, had fewer complications and needed less pain medication than patients who only had a view of brick walls.

Animal Lovers – Another group of people that need artificial grass are animal lovers. Synthetic lawns provide animals with outdoor play areas that are durable and hygienic. They can be constructed to provide for good drainage, since they will inevitably be used by pets to relieve themselves. Specially designed turfs with antimicrobial fibers can even reduce unpleasant odors.

How Do You Choose Artificial Grass?

Best Artificial Grass – Reviews & Guide

There are several important steps to follow when choosing artificial grass.

Consider the Area’s Use – There are several types of artificial grass. The first step in choosing which type to use is to consider the main use of the area where the synthetic turf will be installed. If it is simply a small area with low traffic, a lighter turf may be suitable. If it is used in a high-traffic area for a playground, a heavier turf with additional soft underlayment will be needed.

Review Several Samples – Many of the main suppliers of artificial turf will supply a free sample of their different types of turf. It is vital to examine samples since such a wide variety exists on the market today.

Research the Warranty – Most synthetic turfs have a five-year guarantee. Some offer eight to ten-year warranties. The industry’s trade group, the Synthetic Turf Council states that the average synthetic turf field will often last much longer than a company’s warranty.

Check Appearance The better the quality of fake grass, the more realistic it will appear . It will have softened hues of green, rather than the bright solid green of the first-generation AstroTurf. The shape of the blades will also affect the appearance. “Feline eye” shaped blades, oval-shaped blades, and flattened oval with spine blades all give a real grass appearance.

Measure Drainage – The turf mat at the base of the artificial grass will be of quality latex or polyurethane with plenty of drainage holes stamped into the surface. The rate of drainage should be greater than 30 inches per hour for every square yard.

Examine Yarn Type – The blades of artificial turf may be made of a variety of materials. Nylon blades create a synthetic turf with a realistic appearance. For durability, blades made of polypropylene yarn are best. A third type of blade made of polyethylene yarn combines features of both to provide a turf pleasing to the eye but also durable.

Plan the Pile Height – This is the term that refers to the length of the grass blades of artificial turf. For athletic fields, the pile height may be as long as three inches. For other applications, pile height is often 1 to 1.25 inches. It is prudent to increase pile height if the turf is exposed to heavy foot traffic. The higher pile will compensate for the effect of grass compression that occurs over time.

How to install Artificial Grass?

FAQ about Artificial Grass

How does artificial turf drain water?
The backing mat has small weep holes located throughout the entire material. An artificial turf should drain 30 inches of water per square foot per hour.
Is artificial turf safe for kids?
Artificial turf is one of the safest surfaces for kids, as it provides more shock-absorbing cushion than other surfaces when installed properly.
Is artificial grass safe for pets?
Synthetic grass is safe for pets as well. While some older artificial turf that was imported did have backing that contained lead, domestically produced synthetic turf is free of lead and non-toxic to animals.
Is artificial grass toxic and smell?
Artificial grass produced in the U.S. must meet safety requirements and is inspected to ensure that it is safe and non-toxic. Though turf that is used in pet settings can develop a smell when the animal relieves themselves, it can be easily cleaned with a safe vinegar/water solution.
Does artificial grass need to be cut?
Artificial grass never needs to be cut like natural green grass. While it is almost maintenance free, it may need to be rinsed with a hose periodically.
Can artificial grass be laid on concrete?
Artificial grass can be laid on any surface, including concrete. When installing it over concrete, it may need an underlayment of drainage tiles or a softening pad, since concrete is a nonporous, hard surface.

“Nothing is more pleasant to the eye than green grass kept finely shorn,“ said Francis Bacon, the famous English scientist. Artificial grass makes that pleasant sight available to everyone during every season.

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